‘I have read many true-life stories about women who have battled with depression but none of them touched me as much as Cathy Wield’s. It’s an amazing story.’ WOMAN

‘Works against the stigma that mental illness brings.’ THE TELEGRAPH

‘Cathy’s honesty is to be applauded. Having spoken to many doctors and nurses who have read her book I can offer Cathy one concrete piece of praise: our practice will change because of what you have written.’ EMERGENCY MEDICINE JOURNAL


‘This book should become required reading for every medical student, doctor, nurse, health service manager and politician.’ PROF. KEITH MATTHEWS (from the Foreward)

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‘This is a remarkable piece of work. I don’t know of any other book that deals with depression and mental illness as powerfully, accessible and beautifully as Cathy’s… For those on a long journey of depression, here is honesty and hope.’ REVD DR MARK STIBBE

‘This is not just a biography; it is an informed story, with reflection on the dilemmas it offers. Psychiatry, theology and personal faith lead to compassionate conclusions. A lived experience that will help others live.’ DR ROB WALLER, CONSULTANT PSYCHIATRIST (From the Foreward)

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