One thought on “Recent blog MadintheUK

  1. Thank you for being my voice. Desperate for solutions to things I didn’t understand, I went to the ER (it was Sunday). They sent me to the only available facility. It specialized in drug abuse. Thus the label: drug abuser. (I was there… I must be ‘one of THEM’). I said I didn’t use drugs- never have, never will. That comment, plus the tremor I was born with confirmed the label. (‘That’s what druggies do: they shake and they lie.’) That label lived on for 5 years, but I didn’t realize that. During that time I faithfully took a slew of drugs NOT suitable for what ailed me. Not one medical professional acknowledged the original diagnosis might be wrong, for 5 YEARS. Ultimately, therapy -not psychiatric meds- has proven helpful, but the delay has complicated everything…. and psychiatrists have added several new labels to my litany. I guess insurance companies require labels and medication- not accurate assessments and effective guidance. My labels are attached with superglue.


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