Phone call to Mom

Sitting in a room full of young people, listening……..
I hate calling my Mom, she takes 2 hours so I only call once a month

When I call my Mom, her first question is ‘What d’you want?’

When I call my Mom, her first question is ‘Are you alright?’

My family all live in the same community, if I call one, I have to call them all, otherwise they all ask me why I didn’t call them. It takes forever.

I’m too busy to call my Mom – what has she done for me anyway?

My Mom’s a pain in the ass.

My Mom’s so ‘needy’.

Why can’t she leave me alone, why does she want to know what I’m doing anyway? None of her goddam business.

I don’t have time for all this. I have got friends…….
Sitting in a room full of women with adult kids, listening……..
They never call me.

They only call when they want something – a lift, money, a babysitter….

I don’t think they appreciate that I exist.

Grateful? No way!

Oh, I speak with my daughter every day, she’s like my best friend.

I got a text on mothers’ day.

More than I did.

I arrange something and next thing I know, it’s cancelled. A better offer came up I expect.

You would think with it being so easy, that at least they’d find a few minutes to call.

If I waited for them to call me, it would be at a drunken New Years’ Party – Happy New Year Mom! What you’re in bed – sorr-eee! I’ll call next year.

Oh no, my daughter’s so good – I see her every day when she drops Jessica off. Er no, she doesn’t chat for long, she’s so busy – job, Mark – I don’t know how she finds the time. Yes, I do have her for a week or more each summer– they need to go on vacation, they hardly see each other otherwise. Yes, I do her laundry, clean her house. Me? Time for myself? No, I enjoy being a Grandma………it’s not long before she’ll be all grown up………No, I mean Jessica will be grown up. Boundaries? What are they? Anyway it’s better than you guys – you don’t get to see your kids at all!

I hear from them in a crisis – the dog’s sick, boyfriend’s left, purse has been stolen – world war 3. Then it all goes quiet and I’m left wondering…….I might venture a call, but it won’t be answered. A text is better………get a reply. ‘Fine now, thanks, love you x’

Cathy Wield

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